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Hello, Astro!

Chit chat on my experience with using Astro for my website

2023-07-25 Markdown

Blog posts are done in Markdown. It’s too bad that Markdown doesn’t appear to natively support video embeds or image resizing. Mixing in HTML directly works, but feels a little weird to me. This will do.

2023-07-21 Website relaunch!

Bye for now to my self-hosted Wordpress site. The last two days have been spent setting up this website with Astro and hosting it on Netlify, and I’ve begun transferring over some of my old content, starting with this blog post.

Initial setup and deployment was fairly smooth. Really enjoying Netlify’s push-to-deploy solution.

I chose Astro Theme Cactus as my site template, and I’m happy to be getting some exposure to Tailwind CSS by making my own theme customisations.