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triangular pyramid style pincushion that looks like a chicken

[Sewing] Chicken Dumping Pincushion

I made pincushions with some cluckin' style

Saw some triangular chicken patterns that were super cute, so I made one to be used as a pincushion. You can find links to tutorials at the bottom of this post.

My chicken stands at about 2.75″ tall.

zonethebenthic-sewing-chicken-dumpling-pincushion-02-2048x1452.jpg zonethebenthic-sewing-chicken-dumpling-pincushion-04-50percent.jpg


I used:

  • 5″ x 2.5″ rectangular strip of fabric
  • Pieces of felt* for the beak, comb, and wattle
  • Rice for filling
  • I nearly went with cotton flannel instead of felt, but the flannel I have seemed a little too flimsy and likely to fray, so I didn’t.